This is NOT an April fool's joke.

I typically advocate for thought leadership, science and the reason for Reason. Creativity is self-evident within each and every planksip® narrative. I never dismiss the importance of creativity, in fact, creativity appears a priori (prior to the senses) every time we consciously exercise the reason center of our minds. Humans are problem solvers and boy-oh-boy do I have a problem for you.

Imagine your Architectural industry embracing composite panels with the thickness of a cicero! According to Google, the thickness of a cicero is 4.51166667 millimetres. With substandard industry alternatives below the 4mm standard, what would it take to increase the thickness of standard composite a little more than half a millimetre? And why would we do such a thing? Is there a technical reason or is there a metaphorical reason for this composite confusion?

Let's start with the why? Why does making composite panels 12.79% thicker make sense? This article will explain not only the why but point out the urgency for action. Immediate action is attainable through the following mental shift; cheaper is not better! For the few that have to compete with the downward slide to widgets and 3mm composite panels, the descent of man is a race to the bottom with the ephemeral quarterly profits being but a blip on the long-term prosperity of our global economies.

According to the philosophy of planksip®, eudaimonia is the embodiment of ethics and the pillar of our western libertarian societies everywhere. Demand more. Demand a liturgy. In ancient Greek times, a liturgy was a mechanism for the wealthy to contribute back into Athenian awesomeness. Today a liturgy should be a voluntary act by the corporate giants. From one giant to another corporation are fictions. Newtonian giants, on the other hand, represent the collective knowledge of our past, present and future. Who makes this list and how do we support the values they stand for? It's rather simple, compensate creators and thought leaders for the value they contribute. Assessing the value is peer-based with equal opportunities for all to contribute. Republican and conservative hardliners are publicly against "handouts". I am not proposing a handout of any kind. If you think the contributions of leaders like Roman statesman Cicero were value-less then I have a cicero panel to sell you and it's more than likely an April fool's joke. For the rest of us (ie. educated folk), we acknowledge Cicero to be a very important contributor to what we consider a functioning society. Cicero isn't the only giant worth mentioning.

The planksip proposal to remedy this situation

I propose that the 12.79% increase in material cost that would result from the 4mm composite industry adopting a 4.511667 mm panel thickness should go to the thought leaders of our society. Corporate donations to planksip® facilitate this exchange. The value is in the structure of our compensation with creators and thought leaders engaging within their communities. 3mm suppliers would have a 50% increase with the benchmark to no special levies being the phantom 4.511667 mm panel. There is still an option for any supplier of composite panel sheets to produce the sheets in the thickness of a cicero but why would they? Why not give back to planksip?

Let's then consider the top five manufacturers worldwide that produce fabricators with sheets of aluminum composite. In no particular order, they are pulled from the following report (watch out for paywall);

Top 5 Vendors in the Global Aluminum Composite Panels Market from 2017-2021: Technavio
Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global aluminum composite panels market report until 2021.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States make up the "Group of Seven". These countries, with the seven largest advanced economies in the world, represent more than 62% of the global net wealth. Let's say that there is a one-to-one relationship between the square footage of ACM panels installed on buildings throughout the G7 and their municipal populations have the potential to benefit from our creativity slush fund. 717 million square feet equals $717 million dollars to be directed toward the people and planksip has the framework to incentivize thought leaders.

At $1 per word, that's 717 million words and over 717,000 one-thousand word articles. When you couple this with the planksip® capability to provide matching video and editorial services, the encryption at the bottom of every article would read, "The place of the cure of the soul."[1] This should be incentive enough, if not then I am afraid the descent of man will succumb to the dissent of the corpus Corporation and manipulation of the multinationals.

Consider yourself warned.

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