As long as a response, whether in speech or any future form of social expression, is not inhibited and we all have the ability to pursue a eudaemonic life, we should all have a chance at a life worth living.

The importance of speech can not go without mentioning. So please allow me to clear my throat. Yes, the Logos is important but spoken words falling on deaf ears is background noise. A minor annoyance to the instrument of authoritarianism. The feedback loop must remain open, the social contract must then insist on social responsibility as the exchange for pluralism.

Thought Leader: I have in my possession, a technology that will further enhance human flourishing, without poisoning the planet.

Bureaucrat: I am sorry but we have already accepted all such claims for this year and without the proper funding we can’t engage.

Thought Leader: But I will give it to you for free. To the world for free!

Bureaucrat: Again, I am sorry but we can’t help you.

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