Yuval Noah Harari on the myths we need to survive

Provided to me by a friend, this link is to a talk from 2016. One of her favorites.

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Provided to me by a friend, this link is to a talk from 2016. One of her favorites.

Dramatis Personae:

Yuval Noah Harari

Michael Scott

Cognitive revolution came with the ability to create fictions.

The three revolutions, according to Harari begin with the beginning of our history about 70,000 years ago. Some biproducts of this cogntive revolution include communicating stories, the use of metaphors and creation of language. At t/s 4:45, Profession Michael Scott refers to Harari's banana republic dictator to describe Sapien's jump to the top of the food chain.[1] 10,000 years ago we saw the beginning of the agricultural revolution which gave us civiilization as we know it. 500 years ago, which, as a revolution, we are still within, was the beginning of the Scientific revolution. Divine abilities are within reach giving humanity divine powers not only gods.

Gossip theory is something that relates to community cooperation. These green beards shut down the PFC suspending some 70,000 years of "progress" through stories, tranference and the dogma of the day. The power of make believe becomes inescapable in large scale societies. An interesting new theory for the worldwide dominance of men is that they are better at large scale interactions and promoting myth than women.[2] Fascinating! Men are the myth makers!

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The Capital Vice is Excessive Consumption
The Capital Vice is Excessive Consumption

Human trust is the basic currency of economic stability. Harari's theory of capital as myth is fascinating. Are you feeling the crunch?  

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