Starting off with reflections on Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the state of contemporary politics, Timothy Snyder delivers a deliberate, intentional sounding opening address to his audience. His introduction and leitmotiv points in the direction of inwardness with a twist of "wait and see."

Deeper Thoughts

At time stamp 31:34 the speech switches gears. Moving past the crash course on Ukrainian history THE story behind the story settles on contemplative thought. These "thoughts" are the takeaway concepts that probe the deeper significance of the current situation as it relates to not only Ukraine but the rest of the world. We should be asking ourselves, "What does this all mean?".

With a bottom-up approach, Professor Snyder isolates the complexity of this situation into three distinct areas; Tactics, Strategy, and Philosophy.

1. Tactics (bottom)

From a Russian military perspective, the foundation of these thoughts is tactical. Russia chooses to fight in a reverse asymmetrical style of warfare. Troops in unmarked warfare. Partisan tactics.

Russia is attaching themselves to the idea that they are the weak guy. These tactics are achieved through partisan participation and other such blackhat showmanship. This should be transparent and ineffectual, yet it's remarkably effective.

2. Strategy (mid)

The strategy is a one of disintegration and summarized by Professor Snyder as Strategic Relativism. In Russia's case making the US and the European Union look weak incompetent. These distractions Describing the non-existence of the Ukrainian state to undermine the reality of statehood.

"... but what's really is going on is a Russian defensive struggle against the overwhelming might of the United States" - 35:30 - 35:46

3. Philosophy (high)

The Russian philosophy is all about breaking up the revolution, Professor Snyder calls it Strategic Relativism. All you need to do is convince the people of a hidden hand. And in this case the American hidden hand. KGB training and deployment into this state sponsored terror campaigns are in fact mild, "under the radar" to the rest of civil society. According to Professor Snyder, this breaking up of civil society is a long standing, philosophical, Soviet tradition he calls applied postmodernism.

Applied postmodernism is all about supporting a geopolitical distraction and "for illustrative purposes only". Why can't this be more transparent?? If this video goes viral and everyone, not only watches the video but understand the importance and relevance in today's society then I will have done his job.