Top 5 ESL Online Jobs

Daniel DiDio
Feb 25, 2023
3 min read
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Esl stands for electronic storytelling and lecturing. It’s a specialized form of English that combines grammar, pronunciation, standard English and text to produce clean audio or text-based lectures. Online jobs provide the resources necessary for students to complete their courses without difficulty. Even after graduation, employers are eager to hire clever and hardworking esl students.

After earning a degree in English as a foreign language (or as a general linguistics), many students find it difficult to find work. Employers are typically hesitant to hire people who don’t have experience with their field of work. However, there are many online job opportunities for esl students worldwide. These jobs are often available at schools and universities without any experience required. Students can find part-time or full-time positions with great pay and benefits. Employers are eager to hire smart and skilled people and will reward them appropriately for it.

Online jobs are easy to find since most people use electronic devices to do daily tasks. These include computers, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. These all come with internet connection capabilities allowing users to access the web. This gives them the ability to easily apply for relevant job openings without difficulty. Employers can easily contact potential employees through these devices and will respond quickly to applicant submissions. No letters or faxes need to be sent; everything happens electronically between hired workers and employers.

Apart from electronic devices, globalization has made it possible for people to live anywhere they want. This makes it easy for them to find online jobs from anywhere in the world. People with little experience in the country where they’re living can easily find employment there. Alternatively, ESL teachers from other countries can come work in countries with low wages and high economic growth rates. All that’s needed is a willingness to seek out employment opportunities and a way to contact employers electronically.

Esl jobs are becoming more prevalent due to modern technology and globalization trends. People who want experience and pay can now do both easily through online applications. This is especially beneficial for students who want part-time or full-time work without difficulty finishing their courses. Hired workers can easily find suitable esl jobs from anywhere in the world through electronic means.

Top ESL Jobs For Online Teaching

Here’s an overview of some of the best job sites to use to find ESL jobs, what you need to get hired, certification requirements, typical pay, required hours, and how to apply.

One of the highest-paying and more flexible ESL sites is Palfish. You can set your own rates and your own schedule. When setting your own rates and schedule, keep in mind that doing so requires some critical thinking on your part. New online teachers sometimes prefer to have the ESL tell them their rate and ideal schedule while they grow accustomed to the job.

VIPKID is a huge favorite among online teachers. The catch is that you must have at least a year of teaching experience, which could include formal classroom instruction or homeschooling. The company continuously improves its tools, both in teaching aids and video software. The site has been featured in both Fast Company and Forbes.

PK Fish (Wuhoa)
This site can give you paid training in the ESL field. They also happen to pay at the top end of the industry hourly rate. New teachers must complete an interview after applying. If hired, training includes a handful of courses and mock classes (for which you get paid) before you start teaching live students. PK Fish is probably the best site for brand new ESL teachers.

QKids is one of the most engaging sites for your students, and the teacher support is top notch. Teachers are grateful for the full schedules and fast bookings (some sites can be slow with bookings for new teachers). While not one of the highest paying sites, you are likely to stay busy.

This site is also great for new ESL teachers. Support staff accommodate teachers according to their needs. Additionally, if you want to branch into new styles or ages, the site offers a sample lesson for each class category to help you prepare.  In addition to teaching one-on-one, you would also have the opportunity to teach small groups.

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