Top 10 Online ESL Curriculum

Daniel DiDio
Mar 13, 2023
2 min read
Photo by Microsoft Edge / Unsplash

To be educated is to teach and learn yourself. Education is essential for gaining knowledge and skill. In the past, education was mainly provided by colleges and universities. However, with the evolution of technology, education nowadays also includes online courses and self-study. There are several benefits of providing education through technology as opposed to in person. People can learn at anytime and anywhere without needing to attend a class. Teachers can also make lessons more engaging by using examples from the classroom to create engaging lessons.

Online courses are convenient for people who can’t attend classes every day. These courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- eliminating the need to set aside time for learning. Students can also participate from their homes or offices with internet connectivity. Online courses are ideal for people who have full-time jobs or families they need to still provide for. These courses provide an excellent supplement to on-campus classes for both new students and experienced students seeking additional instruction.

Many people take online courses because they’re less expensive than attending in person courses. Online learning is generally cheaper than attending in person courses due to lower administrative costs and lower teacher wages. Also, these courses are usually less demanding since students only have to attend classes when it’s convenient for them. This makes it easy for schools to provide more lessons per unit cost compared to face-to-face classes. Plus, teachers can also assign more lessons per course since there’s no need to waste time away from the classroom. Because of this, some schools now make almost all of their revenue through charging students fees rather than directly from teaching staff wages.

In addition, sending employees to online courses saves money. This is especially useful in businesses where staff members regularly attend English lessons for work purposes. These lessons prove beneficial to company growth by helping staff members communicate with customers and colleagues from different countries and cultures. Plus, businesses save money by not paying English teachers for the same lesson over and over again. There’s also no need to pay anyone when an employee learns on their own time or through a class link- saving time and resources entirely devoted to learning English.

Another great way online education saves the government money is with international school budgets. International schools are often the responsibility of foreign governments rather than domestic ones. This means that each country’s school expenses must be covered by their budget alone. However, sending students to online courses costs nothing out-of-pocket for the government; in fact, it costs the government nothing at all except time! The cost of teaching someone English online is nil; the cost of assigning someone to teach them is a small price compared to how much funding your school requires daily!

Every organization benefits from providing education through technology versus face-to-face classes. People can learn at any time without limitation thanks to internet connectivity, low cost, and virtual classes facilitated by teachers themselves! Additionally, international organizations can save money on international school expenses with little sacrifice thanks to outsourcing!

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