Tips for Maximizing Output without Sacrificing Creativity...

Schedule your output to different time lines. In no particular order of priority, I offer, by way of my own example four journalized examples...

2 years ago

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Two Loves for the Price of One - A planksip® Möbius

Schedule your output to different time lines. In no particular order of priority, I offer, by way of my own example four journalized examples...


Quaternion Correlations is a quarterly publication and features a growing list of data-driven expositions relating to the thoughts and wisdom of our academics and thought leaders. The set up for the logic, and programming of the algorithms took considerable time; 500+ hours per issue. The goal has always been to use technology to make this process ongoing and more efficient. I am projecting producing issues in under four hours, once every three months.


Twitter Moments relate to a day of the week it necessarily follows that there are seven moments. I spend 30 minutes twice per day looking at Twitter, adding or engaging in Twitter related activity.

Twitter Moment #1 - I Speak in Fire

Peter Shaffer put it to Arnold Wesker:
'furious, inchoate energy funnelled through shape (and only so) reconstitutes itself as furious energy in the brains and psyches of its recipients. Reconstitutes itself because of you. The fire which started in the playwright’s head must get dimmer and dimmer as it grows in the communal imagination of an audience. Your job is to convey sacred flame in a vessel. You can say, looking at that vessel smoking on the stage: “How miserable. I have seen the Volcano, and all I caught is one wretched tongue of fire.” But that tongue properly placed and focused upon is the Volcano. Your power to concentrate fire for an audience will make them feel it, and be burned by it, even though they don’t know the volcano, and never can…. what one writes can detonate in a viewer’s head with the same resonance that it had when one first put it down on paper' …

I Speak In Fire - Updated Every Monday

Twitter Moment #2 - Stormy Weathers and Tobe Determined

Pensées on Big Data Determinism and the precious Hellenic Hegemony it is built upon. Determinism, without the fatalism, is a movement towards ordered chaos. That's the theory, applied discipline is virtuous coupled with feels good right now.

Stormy Weathers and Tobe Determined - Updated Every Tuesday

Twitter Moment #3 - By Sun and the Plains Indian Within

Existential and Ephemeral, the temporary nature of existence is always a possibility. This is my story and the story of our people.

By Sun and the Plains Indian Within - Updated Wednesdays

Twitter Moment #4 - Indelible and Nutritious... So Delicious?

I want to consume you. I want to know what you know and share my knowledge with your Being. Indelible footprints for the Buddha boards and ephemeral blank slates that we create.

Indelible and Nutritious... So Delicious? - Updated Every Thursday

Twitter Moment #5 - Hempel's Raven and Eating Crow

Evidently, "The propositions of mathematics are devoid of all factual content; they convey no information whatever on any empirical subject matter." - Carl Gustav Hempel

Hempel's Raven and Eating Crow - Updated Every Friday

Twitter Moment #6 - The Unbearable "Likeness" of Being

Lightness over Likeness, which will prevail? Majority title credit goes to Milan Kundera who said, "Happiness is the longing for repetition", and wrote on the "Lightness" of Being.

The Unbearable "Likeness" of Being - Updated Every Saturday

Twitter Moment #7 - the Femalist says, "No More Conquistadors!"

“There is no law of complex systems that says that intelligent agents must turn into ruthless conquistadors. Indeed, we know of one highly advanced form of intelligence that evolved without this defect. They’re called women.” - Steven Pinker, (2018)

the Femalist says, "No More Conquistadors!" - Updated Every Sunday


Both of my major written works; p.(x) and Will Freeman are improved daily. Both have thirty-two chapters, with I make sure I look at on the corresponding day of the month. Any chapters without a corresponding day of the month are "cleaned up" on the last day of the month. This house keeping of sorts transforms the habitual daily touchpoints into extremely effective one hour packets of creativity and prodigious output.So what does the maintenance phase look like in terms of a daily time commitment? Well, it is two hours per day, plus one four-hour session every three months. What's next?


I working on the automation of a planksip® of thought every 50 milliseconds and releasing this in a live video stream. My goal would be to make this entirely automated and data-driven. In the early stages, I am anticipating less than one hour of effort daily with the goal of making the process entirely automated and deterministic.

Tic Toc - Do You Know What Time It Is? - #Googleplanksip
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