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You’ve got way too much going on. You’re working five days a week (plus the occasional weekend gig you pick up from time to time to keep the pockets properly padded).

8 months ago

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Tiny Place, Smiley Face

Here’s The Deal:

You’ve got way too much going on. You’re working five days a week (plus the occasional weekend gig you pick up from time to time to keep the pockets properly padded). You’re training for that triathlon in September. You’re writing that screenplay. You’re learning Wolof. You’re cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, hitting the weights, taking the cat to the vet, and, on top of all that, you still have to make some time to call your mother, who has been having a pretty rough time trying to return that cracked jar of molasses she ordered on Amazon the other week (the viscid package in which it arrived was the first red flag).

On top of all that, your place is a mess. I mean, just look around: towels hanging left and right (never in the bathroom or kitchen, though), chess pieces scattered all over the floor (yeeeouch!), the mangled remnants of Sunday’s paper spread atop the hardwood like apricot preserves on a buttermilk biscuit (yum). There’s no getting around it, my friend- you have got to get organized.

But What Am I Supposed To Do With All Of These Old Birthday Cards From Aunt Susie?

As much as you love your dear aunt Susie (lord knows she loves you madly, which is why she never once missed a birthday), it might be time to let go of some of your attachments and start afresh. Think about it: how often do you find yourself sifting through the pages of that travel brochure you picked up in that Athenian hostel last spring as you were being shuffled out the door by two big burly Herculean maintenance workers, weary of your inability to wash out the coffee mugs after using them to serve spinach and spirulina smoothies to those foxy Romanian girls on holiday?

Not often, I would imagine. You know this, of course - you’re only holding onto it for sentimental reasons. Now while there is nothing wrong with indulging in the occasional bout of nostalgia, there comes a time when you must simply let bygones be bygones and move forward. You’ve got a life to live, after all, and you can’t let yourself remain eternally bonded to the whistling whims of your distant (or even not-so-distant) memories.

Ask yourself,  “do I really need this?”; if the answer is no, then perhaps find a way to repurpose it; if you are unable to do that, then perhaps you should donate it; if you are unable to do that, then perhaps you should recycle it; and, if you’re unable to do that, then perhaps you should just scrap it. If the answer is yes, however, then the solution is twofold: first, take about five minutes to sit upright with your legs crossed and your eyes closed, and just observe the pattern of your breath; then, take another look at the item under review and ask yourself again, “do I really need this?”; if the answer is no, then the solution is to follow the same deductive pattern outlined in the aforementioned scenario in which the answer was also no (repurpose, donate, recycle, or scrap). If the answer is still yes, then what I would recommend is placing the item in question on prominent display somewhere in your abode, being sure to look at it frequently throughout the next week. If you find yourself picking it up from time to time, examining it, perhaps even making use of it in some way or another, then maybe you should hold onto it as it could genuinely add some value to your life. If, however, you find yourself not once gravitating towards it in any way, well then guess what? Time to toss it out with yesterday’s banana peels - or make an art project out of them!

Clean The Pad, Clean The Padder

During the process of clearing out your living space, you may start to notice that, simultaneously, your mind is also being cleansed of all its lingering junk as well. Indeed, numerous pieces rooted in psychology have been written centered around the connection between physical organization (or lack thereof) and mental organization (or lack thereof). Clarity, like coronavirus, is contagious; in addition to being able to walk around your pad without stepping on a rook, you will also be able to stroll through the corridors of your mind without getting trapped in one of those pesky thought loops that always seem to be waiting around for you to notice them before pouncing right on your psyche like a panther.

Clean House, Clear Head | Psychology Today
The power of spring cleaning. From a disorganized closet to full-blown hoarding, how does physical clutter muddy the mind?

Once you’ve finally gotten done sorting through every nook and cranny, identifying the goods to hold on to, the bads to toss out with the kitty litter, and the uglies to...well, forget you ever had the misfortune of may come to the realization that your place is a lot more spacious than you had once thought. You’ve got so much more room - perhaps even too much room.

Downsize + Upgrade

The logical next step would be, naturally, to find yourself a place to live that doesn’t make you feel like you don’t own enough to fill it up.

Perhaps something like this:

Surrounded by lush timbers, resting on vibrant loam, this home is ideal for anyone to take things a step further and fully immerse themselves in the ins, outs, and what-have-yous of all the things we are here at planksip.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 8 months ago