From Schopenhauer to Einstein and back to Leopardi, science and art have provided suitors refuge from the crudity of the utilitarian.

In this Einsteinian comparison, dreariness fights an uphill battle against the megalomania of mainstream. The planksip® app has integrated this single ground-bass theme from the Goldberg Variations as a cadence conductor. The goal? To augment the recollective thoughts of the inner-virtuosa and her many muses! Nourish the truth teller, experience the power of planksip®. Beyond idol discussions and speculation I have a working model that augments the intellect of the individual all to the variations of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Why the Goldberg Variations and why not the Diabelli Variations from Mozart or better yet why not the poetics of John Lennon or the lyrics of the fictive Chris Gaines? The variations provide the lattice and intellectual framework necessary to disseminate a varied rhythm to the listener and creator. Anaphylaxis aside the Baroque nature of the Goldberg Variations and its subsequent integration is subtle and noticeable only to those intimately familiar with the works of Caravaggio, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, and Rubens. The layman thrives in a beneficial bliss. Foreknowledge of this dissemination structure neither aids or hampers the process of creativity. It is simply the model from which we began our journey of discovery.

Thoughts of infinity pull from the fictive to define the modus operandi of the artist and define the future discoveries of mathematics. A Big Data approach to art flirts with the fictive yet proudly postulates, "The shift is imminent, the paradigm of planksip® is among us".