The Unbearable Likeness of Being

Lightness over Likeness, which will prevail. Majority title credit goes to Milan Kundera who said, "Happiness is the longing for repetition", and wrote on the Lightness of Being.

2 years ago

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In an obvious Kundera ripoff, the instrumental variation of likeness versus lightness is anything but pedantic if you examine the intention behind likeness. Let me be blunt; likeness is what it's like to be something1 and from this working definition the point at which consciousness becomes unbearable is the topic at hand. What tools do we turn to when augmenting our ability to respond in our environment? The variable is the tool with the hand being our control. Hominidae becomes Hominoidea. In this transition to the transistor, the the transition is already "in" hand, like phototrophic plants we bend earthward and move to the rhythm of our dexterity with the device. This is artificial intelligence, our path is clear. We will be assimilated! Resistance was fertile from the crescent of Sumar and Ancient Egypt but the rise of the technocrat will prevail with abundance. The "craddle of civilization" gave us the understanding of what it's like, "To be, or not to be", because we ask (not beg) the question. Why?

Daniel Sanderson

Published 2 years ago