The Sting of Retributive Justice

Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.

- Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

The Balance of Power is Liberating Justice - Another planksip® Worth Living

Retribution has a mark, easy pray at Will, the strategy for the wealthy and powerful is money and wealth but the equalizer is our individual PFC and education. What's your excuse?  

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A Piece of Poetry is Sometimes All We Need

Objective theory places the poet in a microcosm, whereas Plato’s concept of mimesis prevented poets from joining the Republic.

Poetic Theory
Mimetic within the Universe
Pragmatic for the Audience
Expressive of the Self
Objective of Itself
- Will Freeman

The merger between art and artist is ephemeral. Open for interpretation the community can contribute at will, this stage play and performance, commanded by the narrative is not a restriction but a path forward. Contribute, if you are up to the challenge. Learn more!

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Artists Apply Themselves and the Image Evolves

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