"To me all things are possible. I live on the brink of disaster and the threshold of new discoveries - The neat blade of grass, the flower over there, the butterfly that zig zags over my head, the sunshine, the dew on the grass - These are my delights and form the glory of living. I am the universe, because in me there is the life force that gives the tree it's straight upwardness, the bee its manifold activities, and to men the Spirit of Goethe, Shakespeare, and Al Capone. I am genius, mediocracy, pirate, adventurer, Saint & Courtesan. I am all these because I am becoming, and no one knows which path I may stray up, what strange things I will see absorb, and of which I will make my future ??? for myself and others. I know none of this consciously - but I have the key to all things the combination to wealth, happiness, high delight, ecstasy of ??? - beyond all the dreams of you old ones. But I also am open to other doors, where pain, poverty of spirit, failure and dark vistas will be the grim rewards of my presumptuous unlocking of portals. But they all will be good - The pain and sorrow as will as the ??? and pleasure, the dirt and squalor as well as the immaculate and high and mighty. Together all these things will make me - and I will use them and weld a life... To the Glory... not of God, but to the Glory of the everlasting flame of life and mankind striving, his failures and his achievements - to the indomitable, stubborn, futile bottling against the insuperable odds that fate stacks against him."

Paul Ashmore Graham