Defining the doGma is not always easy. 20/20 hindsight frequently outperforms predictions. Fat Tony apparently obliterated Plato's version of Socrates!

The Teleb Trampoline and the doGmatic... 

The convergence of minds, according to Nassim Nicholas Teleb is Mediterranean. Fat Tony is Taleb's embodiment of his Black Swan philosophy and the schema for fighting the functional fixedness of the Socratic. Neither wrote for themselves but Fat T, like Jesus C is considered a myth by many and an imaginary best friend by the rest. Roman records can not corroborate the story, whereas contemporary conversations dismiss the myth of Jesus with the equivocation to... You guessed it. Functional Fixedness. Bias to bias who's personification will come out on top? Once again we have bias in the rear view mirror, with no time to mount his attack and charge F.U. money. So who's right? Neither? Both? What lies in store for Fat Tony who's ethics, without a capital e, are like a one-sided tennis match; self-serving. If that's the point, and Tony Teleology is as pragmatic as it comes, the allusion is more of a empirical engineer than a testimony to the works of William James. Let's explore the implications of Taleb's temptress of Truth.

Plato's Socrates versus Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Fat Tony

I am not going to sugar coat the obvious. Nassim does have a little "ass" in his name and this is axiomatic to the approach he takes with Academic, economists, marketers and consultants. Some how I fit three of these four categories so I can't imagine that a responsion is in the cards for any exchange in the near future but I have an open door policy for truth-claims. Please knock before entering the truth may be shocking, besides I might want to invite some friends. We commonly identify ourselves as philosophers so on this basis I will keep my comments philosophical. Fat Tony must be Taleb's alter ego, so far as he will admit, but the heuristic is persistent and this is fine, my task is to outline the outliers from out right liars.