Reinventing The Wheel - Möbius Style

Induction merges with deduction in a pair-bonded ethical claim. Search "Ethics" in the p.(x) et voila! Consciousness Expanded.

2 years ago

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Conjecture (2019) is the title of the following digital art installation...

Reinventing The Wheel - The planksip® Möbius Maker - #Googleplanksip

The möbius starts and ends with itself, self-similar are replicating, it is fractal in nature and conceptually contagious.

Induction merges with deduction in a pair-bonded ethical claim.

Leaps of Logic and Other Such Non Sense

We have all heard of the, 'leap of faith' aphorism. How about a 'leap of logic'? Both are deviant when we know better, ignorant when we don't. Yes that's right, indifference is a deviant behavior trait, subtle yet existent. Logical sequence dictates the flow of healthy thought and the conditionals for truth claims. Expanding on a leap of logic when, following a chain of thought, the conclusion does not follow the premise. Better yet, bi-conditional statements sound a little iffy without the pejorative. As a matter of observation, if, and only if, is in fact a double proof. As if..., is a pathway to empathy so the utility of if is rather impressive, conditionally speaking. Symbolically and theistically, this Venn diagram is a false idol. Not believing in false idols, or symbols, is somewhat compatible with the 'false god' meaning in idolatry. Consider the atheist making the following truth claim.

P: I believe
C: God is material

Conjecture is a rule of thumb, the heuristic of the hour. Don't get bogged down with Big Data. Parse, then prosper. In cognitive science we "prune". With the help of planksip® the propagation is empowering.  

Daniel Sanderson

Published 2 years ago