Soledad Muse

"Out of his sound-proofed, fumigated hive, Proust secreted a multitudinous society, a city for thought and for feeling rivaling Dante's. By force of sub-liminal bookkeeping - precisely the same budget was adhered to by Kierkegaard - Proust bent ..." - George Steiner

4.0.1 - The main point: Through solitude, Proust created a city of thought rivaling Dante's.
4.0.2 - Duality Statement: Which is more prolific in thought leadership? Silos of solitude or theories of chaos?
4.0.3 - Sentiments: - Solitude is great for creative minds but nothing is created in a vacuum. - Who hasn't created a mind palace? Well for some it may be more of a weekend cottage.
4.0.4 - Further reading: Proust or Dante
4.0.5 - Existential Statement of Futurity: Thought-scapes are typical to the forced solitude of the creator.
4.0.6 - QUESTION: Which is more prolific in thought leadership, silos of solitude versus simple choas?
4.0.7 - Populous Response:
4.0.8 - MOBIUS: - Complex imaginary worlds give our minds additional space to be creative and origin of innovation.
4.0.9 - TAGS: Soledad, Dante, Proust, Kierkegaard

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