Reflection's Slow Dance with Time

"... time in Shakespeare, most incisively in the Sonnets, constitute an anthology of perceptions comparable only to those in Dante and in Proust. There is, one hazards, a poetics and a metaphysics of temporality to be harvested from the mere ..." - George Steiner

3.0.1 - The main point: Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust are the exemplars of temporality, their creations marching to the forward and backward cadence of time.
3.0.2 - Duality Statement: At what point does futurity and memory become uniquely human?
3.0.3 - Sentiments: - To encapsulate immediacy of experience with a non-human sense of the past, present and future would be to define non-human consciousness. -The concept of cadence within time is very interesting and obvious in the works of Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust.
3.0.4 - Further reading: Shakespeare's Sonnets or anything by Proust or Dante.
3.0.5 - Existential Statement of Futurity: Our current day perception of time will undoubtedly change over time.
3.0.6 - QUESTION: Is the Shakespearean sense of time different than Dante's?
3.0.7 - Populous Response:
3.0.8 - MOBIUS: - The theme of repeatable time dates back as far as language itself.
3.0.9 - TAGS: time, Dante, Shakespeare, Proust

planksip™ - Time binds the anthology of perception and consciousness.