Mandelstam's Pedestal

"The myriad-facetted, coherent entirety which Mandelstam celebrates in his essay on Dante, the architectural summation striven for by Proust are of the past. As in the case of the book itself, there will, to be sure, be complete editions of a ..." - George Steiner

2.0.1 - The main point: Mandelstam's essay on Dante places this Poet on a Pedestal.<br
2.0.2 - Duality Statement: Communal recognition for group collaboration is better than the alternative; a single self-congratulatory ego driven maniac.
2.0.3 - Sentiments: - If you take Adorno's thought that "totality is the lie", then you are left with incompletion and fragmentation throughout society. Is that a bad thing? - Your magnum opus should be directed towards the vector of perfection. Deviations are permitted if realigned or defendable. Shortcuts are not!
2.0.4 - Further reading: Mandelstam's essay
2.0.5 - Existential Statement of Futurity: Imagine minds equivalent to a modern day Proust, Dante, Nitsche, Plato, and Shakespeare all collaborating on a single piece of literature. The virtuoso is planksip™ conducting this orchestra with you performing a solo. This reality is here today. We just need a conductor to orchestrate this performance and planksip™ is that conductor.
2.0.6 - QUESTION: How many contemporary writers today consider themselves language architects instead of authors?
2.0.7 - Populous Response:
2.0.8 - MOBIUS: - Only since Shakespeare has the author sought authorship. Axiomatic determinism, innate with collaborative expression is manifold. A pilgrimage to the consciousness of Homer and the pre-Socratics is a novel idea and perhaps a magic Mobius carpet ride worthy of exploring.
2.0.9 - TAGS: ego, Dante, Mandelstam, Proust, Adorno

planksip™ - Carefully constructed books don't have to be a thing of the past. We have all the building blocks to surpass the hidden architecture of Dante and Proust.