Societies everywhere are built on the fruits, labors, and shoulders of Science. Far from the epicenter of Washington, DC, this April 22nd movement for Science continues to radiate worldwide. With over 600 satellites groups, this movement supports and celebrates the very existence of Science within and throughout modernity. Self-actualized as a universal translator of prosperity this ever-changing manifesto for a flourishing future is all around us. Is Science under attack? Should we feel threatened?

As a father and fellow marcher, the decision to publicly display my two young boys, aged 12 and 9, in a public forum was and is, something that I do not take lightly. Pictures will be taken and social media is nefariously a one-way publication beyond easy retraction. The protective eyes of a parent are always on alert, yet, Science is a no-fly zone for this helicopter parent. More than a teachable moment, certain life lessons are non-negotiable. Peaceful protests and the Freedom of Assembly conjoined with the innocence of youth is beautiful to witness. This is their testimony.

Riley S - Aged twelve wrote a poem on a cardboard cutout sign supported by a shoe horn and duct tape.

I should spread awareness

Of the greedy and careless

Who destroy our planet merely for profit

I tell others to not ignore

But rather to restore this planet

From the arctic ice sheets

To the coastline shore

We have to clean up a ton

So let's all work as one

Kyle S - Age nine simplified his message down to this compassionate plea. Save the Bees Pretty Please!
As Canadians, we feel very fortunate to live in Canada. Families as far away as Russia will attest, not all months have 31 days and not all countries allow peaceful protest and freedom of assembly. We can teach our children to be defenders of truth and liberators of freedom. We can bring our children to the March for Science.