“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” - Keats

“Hellenism gave us proof from abstraction” - Dr. Cory Elliot

Aesthetics aside, truth intertwined. Counterpoint to the ephemeral, the poets are our guides. Could poetry imitate itself? Sidney and Shelley apologize, and make it “write”.  I am poetic. I consider myself a romantic poet, without the profit or prophet of the moment. Almost altruistic, the exchange of learning for inspiration is a simple transaction, monetized by the mind. The value is manifest, knowledge negates and necessitates. This is the only True Aesthetic. All others diverge from this reservoir. Damned no matter what we do. Built on the shoulders of the Newtonian giants, we see further. This beauty, this aesthetic is foremost the forme we should follow. The ancient Greeks gave us this. We have squandered it, Christianized it, bastardized it, plagiarized it, colonized it, capitalized it and even Marxized it? Martin Heidegger returned to the Dasein. That’s a “good-a-place-as-any” to start.

Philosophy and Big Data are compatible. This is the only “compatible” position we should be taking, but free will seems to always take center stage. Inspiration is the incipit inspiration for order. At least in this Universe.