First Montaigne, then Hume. Michel de Montaigne was a beautiful writer and inspirational for the layperson looking for a sensible framework or introduction to philosophy. Montaigne felt that philosophy should make sense to the individual. Thinkers like Cicero and Plato were great but if you couldn't understand them, you should have other paths to living a life worth living. For me, this is a universal truth. Something that becomes reality regardless of your awareness of said truth. Sounds an awful lot like Physics? Is there room in Physics to allow probabilities? Wait a minute! Schrodinger's cat, the Planck length, and the whole "field" of Quantum reality is probabilistic in nature. I will talk more about this in chapter 11 where I offer an augmented theory of Euclidean Geometry that challenges our understanding of Quantum Mechanics and may resolve Einstein's quote that, "God does not play dice." Back to Montaigne. I think of one of the catchphrases for an International Canadian bank (Scotiabank) is, "You are richer than you think". Wait a minute!! That's 95%, Montaigne! As an advertisement designed to draw individuals into their local institutions and speak with a financial planner, "You" is different from Montaigne's, "We are richer than we think." Another fundamental difference between Montaigne's statement and the bank, is the pretense for the BANK to accumulate YOUR wealth. I am not complaining. I am just sayin.