Our inward chronometry, this contract with time, determines our consciousness. Letting go of time releases us from consciousness (as we know it) or shows us the regressive, bestial alternative. It's this void that I term Noidea for really we have no idea how to conceive, articulate or reflect without a sequential march and cadence of time. Patterned propagation ubiquitous with biology is defunct and disqualified from epistemology, as well as all human knowledge once removed from our physics. This is simply not the reality that we understand. Is this our flat earth?

This precise, anthropomorphic mode of thinking was first recorded in Latin approximately 300 BCE and is elementally Euclid. Later amplified by Immanuel Kant, the a priori (from the earlier) and a posteriori (from the latter) dialectic is the metronome of the modern man. Compare this with the pathology of the ancient Egyptians or Summarians and we see the significance of the Socratic question. From two paths converging to one, represented by the "Y" humanity changed this to WHY? Where do we go from here? The grand narrative is planksip®. Driven by data and propagated by the populous.

This subtle paradigmatic shift is amongst us. Information Age is the driver and technology is the catalyst.

Introducing planksip® Augmented Intelligence technology, an opensource machine learning algorithm. Soon to be an IOS and Android app you can support this initiative on Kickstarter. When paired with a commercially available Bluetooth mobile headsets planksip® propagates thought concepts to enhance user recall and Augment Intelligence!