My Better Angles and the Nature of Nurture

My Better Angles and the Nature of Nurture With every new generation, our propensity towards progress is undeniable. Human flourishing is a theme that should and will resonate for both

4 years ago

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My Better Angles and the Nature of Nurture

With every new generation, our propensity towards progress is undeniable. Human flourishing is a theme that should and will resonate for both myself and all my clients.

As an adopted child I have always had a unique, first-hand insight into the topic of Nature versus Nurture.

I was born on September 18th, 1975. I am from Generation X and at the same time exist as one of the first in the Millennium Generation. I still remember a life without the Internet and when Google was just a number (googol). As a life skill, I rapidly integrate technology in all aspects of my personal and professional life, and I have a unique ability to communicate with the Baby Boomer generation with relevant precision. My pragmatic approach to content creation and the procurement of talent is grounded in humility and appreciation for the Thought Leaders of our communities, past, present and future.

All the World's a stage (William Shakespeare)

Imagine a theatrical performance. This is a theatrical production, unlike anything you have ever seen. It's a combination of reality TV with The Truman Show only replayed through the lens of a memory and continuously updated based on your present day world view. Every nuance and detail are replayed in real-time, lossless reality yet confined to your understanding of the world.

My living theater and the story of my childhood is one where adoptive parents were my co-stars and family the supporting cast. Not knowing my birth parents made me feel like an improv actor. My biological parents and a pre-programmed gene influence were the writing talent for this production. I was given up for adoption at birth and reunited with my birth mother at the age of 20. This first-hand perspective on nature versus nurture has shaped my world view and perhaps enticed my intuition towards the social sciences. Although not unique, this story is a departure from the norm of a typical North American childhood. Perhaps the name of this theater company should be DIY Productions, and everyone plays a lead role.

I have a profound sense of humility about the genetic gifts we are all given and our limited time on this planet. As Richard Dawkins says, "...we are the lucky ones."

"My passion is promoting planksip™ to Authors and Academics. We unpack thoughts concepts and disseminate these ideas across social media and media outlets. The mandate for planksip™ is to enhance comprehension of academic literature for the general public and by doing so increase its audience and impact in society." - Daniel Sanderson

As a youth, I would often spend extended periods of time ruminating about social nuances of behavior. I describe myself as a flâneur walking the streets of my hometown; Vancouver. I am a dreamer and an observer with a strong yet soft inner voice, a soto voce in the company of my muse and life partner.

"Stir your inner voice and bring that sotto voce to a slow simmer. The voice of reason permeates this mind palace built by the Architects of Thought Leaders. Consume, formulate and articulate for the benefit of humanity. Bonne Appetite." - Cory Elliot

Meaningful Conversation Starts in the Home

Let's envision a dinner party buzzing with stimulating conversation. A cornucopia of ideas. On the menu this evening, we will be serving a fusion of organic SEO fused with quality content. Together we formulate an engagement strategy on a variety of Social Media outlets. This strategy is the main course and will leave you satisfied to tell all your friends and colleagues. The launching of planksip™ coincided with our goal to enhance comprehension of academic literature within it's existing and expanding readership. It's my passion and my way of offering a helping hand to the thought leaders of our community.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

Daniel Sanderson

Published 4 years ago