Mistaking Our Limits

How does the individual correctly balance emotive influence with rational thought? Is this how truth functions?

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Mistaking our Limits

Consciousness - A "Felt" Experience - Courtesy of Damasio and planksip

Consciousness -  A "Felt" Experience - Courtesy of Damasio and planksip

Mistaking Our Limits

Today's Question is brought to you (unofficially) by Sam Harris...

A Sam Harris Character, Bobblehead Perhaps?

How does the individual correctly balance emotive influence with rational thought? Is this how truth functions?

Thinking About truth

So there I am, on a morning parapatetic, strolling through the woods in my diaspora-like sauntering flaneur of a self, minding my own thrownness when I started thinking about Truth. Reduced from the pedestle of the absolute, Truth (with a capital "T") gets reduced to a plurality of sorts and becomes, simply; truth (with a lower case "t"). Down the windy (not winedy) road[1], the social pressures around me will push me in this direction or that direction. Hither-and-fro, my innate adaptive adaptability and ideas of goodness[2] orient me towards the West. Proof through abstraction is the only self help you need to negate this genre of opportunism and distal truisms. Besides, we are only partially aware of the bandwith of sensory and felt experience that creates the interface of consciousness with our environment. You could imagine how the very act of imagining something in a collective sort of group think could change the "environment" we live. Not physically, but the very altered state of mind could be examined from an individual standpoint and in multiple group standpoints. Having this enourmous cultural dataset at our fingertips to see the socially reflected self would be ideal if, and only if, the reflective nature of this "self" described feedback loop moved us in both of the following directions; truth and happiness.

The Truth about truth

The capital punishment continues with an intentional and deliberated reduction of truth, not it's functionality but its place as an absolute for all to see. Imagine, yes but "seeing" implies some added clarity at the hands of an authority of sorts or blind assertion[3]. At times, a virtous act is all that is required to predict highly probable outcomes for individuals and the networks of information that they spread.

Imagine a Phenomenological Bandwith

A negation of sorts is rightfully so a corrective measure on claims of reality, and I will make the claim, on imagined realities. Logic, and mathematics, "transcend" the material word and map onto our imagined worlds of ideas, ideals and fictional phenomenons. Logical inconsistenses are not universal by definition and even in the eyes of the most pious a violation of God's will. A pragmatic response and defendable only through dogma, pleading ignorance to God's will is a transmutation of God's idealic forme to a scape goat. Again we see the manifestation of "goat"-ifestation of irony. The likes of which we can swiftly gloss over and eliminate from the hermeneutics of it all. Besides, in terms of bandwith, as a species we are only privy to small bandwith of perceptions within our biodiversity. We augment our limited bandwidth with and through imagination and the proofs that emerge through our abstractions abilities as evolved through our cranial abilities, primarily the pre-frontal cortex.

Why I am a Biological Materialist, of course it Matters!

By definition in fact, through a small bandwidth of time, a sliver of phenomonology is all that propagates by the mind of the bioligical materialist. Now I didn't said biological determinist, I said biological materialist meaning that there is nothing in reality that extends beyond the material, however, this is the key to my non-Cartesian claim of projected and epiphenominal reality is that that world we imagine is possible to co-create, perhaps more now more than ever. If that isn't subjective and open to interpretation then what are we searching for? The rhetoric tool I am using here is one of repetition drawn from a quiver of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. So how do you feel about short-term micro teleologies defining our collective claims on reality? Let me repeat myself for the third and final teolelogy. Imagined realities matter if you can proof them and apply it to the material world, even if our creativity is a projected experience without substance and only forme.

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  2. Footnote to Whitehead and on to Plato. ↩︎

  3. Replace assertion with Faith at will. ↩︎

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