Lyssa of Lesbos

Controlling Wrath

When wrath runs rampage
in your heart
you must hold still
that rambunctious tongue!

- Sappho (630-570 BC) - Translated by Suzy Q. Groden

Rain Drops Falling on My Tongue - Another planksip® Möbius

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1. the Femalist says, "No More Conquistadors!" (any given Sunday)
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“There is no law of complex systems that says that intelligent agents must turn into ruthless conquistadors. Indeed, we know of one highly advanced form of intelligence that evolved without this defect. They’re called women.” - Steven Pinker, (2018)

“How miserable. I have seen the Volcano, and all I caught is one wretched tongue of fire.” But that tongue properly placed and focused upon is the Volcano. Your power to concentrate fire for an audience will make them feel it, and be burned by it...'

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