Letter to Sam Harris

Dear Sam, I would like to write a fictional exchange between you and the main character of my upcoming book; Will Free Man - 28 Streams of Consciousness. This fictional

3 years ago

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Dear Sam,

I would like to write a fictional exchange between you and the main character of my upcoming book; Will Free Man - 28 Streams of Consciousness. This fictional conversation is to be written into the book itself and is part of the story development of this science fiction title. I want to see if you have any copyright or legal concerns and also give you the opportunity to authenticate the responses.

I realize that this type of request isn't something that you would receive on a regular basis and it's quite possible that our philosophical and political views do not entirely overlap. However, where they do overlap conversations can flourish. I look forward to a fruitful exchange of ideas. La voie du milieu is a concept infiltrating not only our dialectic but the sermons of the Siddhartha, the Enlightenment and earliest concepts of human flourishing.

To reiterate my intentions I am looking for your advance approval on the use of Sam Harris (as yourself) within my novel. Of course, if I can get a corrected version and account of your responses this would be the most authentic and valuable to the public.

Will Freeman is the main character of this novel about free will and the transition to the transistor or humanity's new artificially intelligent species. Will is a theoretical data scientist, futurist, and android. In the year 2020 Will sends Sam Harris the following audio recording of an interview that never took place. Or did it? Not even Sam Harris can distinguish the difference between the voice on the audio recording and his own internal thoughts. The basis of this chilling, uncomfortable realization that will smash the concept of the ego and transform the psychology of the human race. Officially Sam Harris becomes the Voice of Reason, shared posthumously for generations to come.

The conversation is to take place in the future so it also leaves the opportunity for both of us to actually have this exchange. The exchange takes place on the Waking Up podcast as follows...

SAM: Daniel Sanderson is the author of a book called Will Freeman. A book that takes looks at the futuristic world of Artifical Intelligence and the relationships of an android human. The world that I am keenly interested in, as many of you know. For me, the book teased out some interesting concepts worthy of discussion and that's why you are our guest today. Welcome, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you for having me, Sam. Just to let all the readers know that the book is written under my pen name; Cory Elliot. My current legal name is Daniel Sanderson. But I am very excited to be here.

SAM: A pen name of Cory Elliot. Why Cory Elliot? Do you find the distinction necessary in today's contemporary writing landscape?

DANIEL: For me, the pen name was actually my first and middle name at birth. I was put up for adoption at birth so I never met my birth mother until I was 20 years old. It is this partial tribute of understanding the nature-nurture discussion I wrote Will Freeman under the pen name of Cory Elliot. Essentially I am acknowledging my unique perspective. My other book p(x) = Big Data and Book of Quotes is digitally published promoted under Daniel Sanderson.

SAM: Interesting. Let's talk about your book and what the readers should know about it.

DANIEL: Well, first of all, it's a book about AI or Artifical Intelligence and for any of you that follow my blog, you will know that I often refer to AI in terms of Augmented Intelligence and how our world is already immersed in this reality. In this case of this book, I pull the dark alternative out of the closet and explore Augmented Intelligence's well known Artificial counterpart. This book represented a surrender and exploration of an Artificial world surrounded by the intellect of a manmade species.

SAM: I found it very interesting that you constructed this world as an oddly familiar world where android intelligence is not only accepted but inevitable?

DANIEL: The inevitable aspect within this storyline adds conflict and a sense of urgency. I actually wrote it both ways and when it comes to a choice for humanity the story isn't as compelling.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 3 years ago