With $150 in his wallet, Kyle and I went to the skate shop on Granville and Robson. The conversation was filled with excitement and anticipation. The anticipation of a possible purchase.

We went straight to the skateboards on the second floor and motioned to the clerk to pull down the, "one on the top".

"Oh yes, Tom and Jerry! That boards sick!!", said the clerk.

"How much is it?" asked Kyle.

"$144" said the Clerk.

In a quite voice Kyle turned to me and said, "I have enough!".

"Well get it, if you want", I said.

The reality of the situation was formulating in Kyle's mind. This skateboard, in his hand, was soon to be his. And it's the Tom and Jerry skateboard!

Taxes ring through on the register and the clerk says "$162".

A slight moment of terror as Kyle realizes that he has some conflicting information. He haaad enough but now he doesn't. Does this mean he has to leave without the skateboard in hand?

I reassure Kyle with a glance and launch into a quick discussion with the clerk. He can see that this cool nine-year-old boy is using his own money and is clearly 10 levels happier with it in his hands. "How about a discount? You are too young to pay tax!". The new total is $152.20 and the clerk pulls the remaining $2.20 from his own pocket.

"What a nice guy, that is super awesome!!", I tell the clerk.

I take the receipt and put it my pocket. This signifies the conclusion of the purchase and we head towards the exit in the store. Almost out of the store a different staff member approaches us and says, "If you are going to be riding on the seawall, do yourself a favor and loosen off those trucks a bit. You will thank me for it. Also, get some Irish Spring for the squeeks, just run it over the bearings".

"Why Irish Spring", I ask?

"It flakes off the best when it dries", he replies, "or you can use Ivory!".

"Good to know", I say as we leave the store.

One very happy boy with a really big smile.

Love Daddy