Knowledge Begets Awareness (of Ignorance)

It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.

- Thomas Sowell (1930-present)

I'm Not Calling you Idiots, You Are Sheep, Stay Within Your Flock - Another planksip® Möbius

Epistemological awareness awaits all who attempt categorizing a continuum. Keep Aristotle's multiple thought maxim in mind as you parse your own prejudices and balance your own biases.

Considering the other responsions, with matching memes at play here, Cicero condemns the man (idiot) stuck on behavioural repeat. Mistakes will be made, Christian branded forgiveness originated before the fiction of Christ. Those are my opinions. What are yours?

Sowell's perspective is historically retrospective. Clairvoyant? No. Pragmatically so! Careful not to alienate your humility to certainty of certitude. Fictions fabricate outcomes and emphasize the fate of it all. This is the outcome of every tragedy. Ignorance is worth confronting, cognitive fall off elevates cognitive affections and emotional orientations. Huh? I thought so! Those are my thoughts on Thomas Sowell, what are yours?

If you are still stuck, consider Martin Heidegger and Ezra Pound. Martin Heidegger offers his pathway to philosophy as a theologian. The former was a former Nazi parti member turned, "secret king of thought", while  Ezra Pound wrote a series of essays intending to Make it New (1934). Better yet, let's make it new with regressions toward the mean, outlining compare and contrast the benefits of conforming with flock mentality.

The Teleb Trampoline and the doGmatic ... - A planksip® Möbius

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