The Free Will Debate (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip
Kierkegaard's "Wound of Negativity."

Daniel Dennett placates his readers in, From Bach to Bacteria. Well intentioned and effective, Dennett asks the reader to suspend judgment until he explains the entirety of his position. Dennett's complex multilayered response is essential to the defendability of his many positions. This is becoming a new tactic of truth-seeking rhetoric. A primer of sorts, to the point. This is the common and respectful vernacular of the contemporary Libertarian, especially in contentious issues. Humbling is better than humiliating. Discourse shouldn't be about destroying your opponent. If you have a view of the world and you want to get support for these views there are obviously ways of communicating that encourage acceptance of your views. Idea replication is a fascinating topic. When we transition from personal views to social media views I will show that the line blurring between an idea created by your own volition versus the understanding of social media ranking is one and the same. This concept introduces a temporal shift in consciousness and is one of the keys to understanding Big Data Determinism and the p.(x).

I have written more about what George Steiner called "gears" of a healthy dialog meshing together (responsion). Sure footed dialog starts on a solid common ground. We will avoid the slippery slopes and put up signs identifying these pitfalls. Together we will have meaningful conversations.

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