The political upheavals throughout Europe in 1848 resulted in very little political change but significant social and cultural change. The social change of reference is the allusion of the 1848 Revolution and the Prague Spring of 1968 in Arab Spring of this century. Winter followed Spring and with the authoritarian and extremist regimes gaining plurality, the veil of ignorance was more important than ever yet ideology was the clearly the default response. Tunisia exiled it’s former President and formed a new government. President Hosni Mubarak and Egypt suffered a similar outcome. The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s “green dream” of islamic fundamentalized socialism once again was a failed attempt to counter the law of the land; capitalism. Markets aside, information and economies follow a similar pattern with efficiency as the exchange worth examining.

In Chapter 16 of Will Freeman, Hesaide and Shesaide are characters amongst an entangled romance and chance encounter. This fictional narrative is Procrustean; overgrown and ready for a bed. This particular good night sleep allusion is a fallacy. For me, The Procrustes Fallacy is making the assumption that a good night sleep will give you a better answer when all it brings is mourning! After-the-fact is too late. Decisive action readies potential, neurochemically our brains do the opposite. According to Dante, evil is not the opposite of love, indifference is.

Measuring indifference would be an interesting project and significant when defining consciousness. The first ingredient of indifference is prior knowledge. Without knowledge, one can not be indifferent. Ok, so this makes love situational, conceptual and ephemeral. Interesting! If true, then the Dante dialectic is self replicating, else, our scope of ethics remains unchanged. Robert Sapolsky does a fantastic job in his book Behaviour, disseminating the biochemical reactions days, hours, minutes and seconds prior to varying behaviours. Over chapters of fine research and brilliant layman commentary I highly recommend this book. My challenge to popular Science writers is to further popularize this book. The social potential for these actions are the dialectic of the revolution within. The revolution of self.