NHH stands for Net Human Happiness, a very important metric of a Nouveau financial paradigm.

Ms. Yellen maintains some sort of status quo. More like bailing out a planksip™ sinking ship. A September's rate increase is off the table but should it? Maybe we should encourage a little inflation and financial hardship. A self-induced recession could be exactly what the Doctor ordered for happier, sustainable, long term economics.

Historically, the best way to reduce risk is to check a company's Net Profit Margin (NPM). Imagine Net Human Happiness (NHH) being the sustainable alternative market metric.

Geoffrey West was recently on a Sam Harris podcast talking about the scalability of mammalian social systems. The percentage to remember is 25% or one-quarter. This is the key to biological replication and the source of our inspiration of social incentive. Will Freeman requires energy but exactly 75% that of its biological creator. Imagine accounting for happiness in our accounting practices and banking systems. What would this look like?

Imagine a happiness index where NHH becomes one of the important metrics for measuring social performance. With a little investigation, I stumbled on the 2017 World Happiness Report. Co-author John F. Helliwell is part of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

Let's leave it there and see what I can cultivate.