For the Better!

For the Better!Woman was God's second mistake. - Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) God, as we Knew Her, is Dead. What is your Highest Ideal - A planksip® MöbiusGod, as we

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For the Better!

Woman was God's second mistake.

- Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

God, as we Knew Her, is Dead. What is your Highest Ideal - A planksip® Möbius

God, as we Knew Her, is Dead. What is your Highest Ideal - A planksip® Möbius

For the Better!

The Holey Trilogy of Trepidation

Is emptiness explicit without a movement through life towards an ideal? Are we not capable of narrating our own stories? Possibly so, but fragmentary unified direction requires information and in this culture of information overlords, the narrative is still a very efficient means of self ass-simulation. Follow me, follow you, the complexity of this chaos makes religion an easy way out.


Inspired by Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)'s quote, "Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.". The titled responsion is

Eternal struggle is the perversion used to frame Stoic sensibilities, the ideal is, of course something completely different. Condemning populations to impossible outcomes is the death of goodness in itself.

Slavery has been an integral part of American History. The historical reality of slavery is a reminder of how human beings can be made to do bad things for others. Slaves are made to work against their will and suffer from their masters' whimsical whims. The race isn't an essential component of human nature (such as breathing air or reproducing sexually), nor is it an idea (such as the worth of life or the speed of light); rather, it is an action-oriented ideology that can only be imagined to exist for an infinite time of its own eternity.

Slavery is a stain on human nature that must be removed from society. It is a stain on the nation and on the world. There are no "good" slaveowners who have not participated in or benefited from the institution of slavery. The history of slavery demonstrates a consistent pattern of evil; evil that must be combated by eliminating the institution of slavery and all forms of racial discrimination.

If you read any history of slavery, you will see that the institution is an evil that was always and will always be bad, and if you read any writings on the matter, you will see that the author is attempting to describe a utopia in which slavery is outlawed. A utopia where slavery and all other forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia have been erased or outlawed.

Slavery is the practice of slavery, in which white men have the power to force people to work against their will and even against their interests. Slaves are used as labor and are deprived of their rights and dignity. Slaves are forced to work in unsafe conditions and are forced to endure physical, sexual, and mental abuse. These abuses are not only physical but they are also verbal and psychological and these abuses often go on for many years.

When an institution is in danger, people tend to act quickly and take action. People who practice the practice of slavery are rarely given a second chance because it is such a grave offense. When evil takes place, there is a tendency for people to look out for the good. And when people lookout for the good, they will not hesitate to remove evil in every form.

Slavery is an evil institution that needs to be removed. Slaves have no right to be treated as animals or as property, and there is no good institution in which slaves are treated like such. Slavery is a crime against humanity that must be ended immediately.

Death of goodness. There is no such thing as "good" evil" in this life. When there is a situation in which the good is in opposition to the evil, the good wins. This is why it is important to call all evil "evil" evil." Death of goodness is the process of destroying good and everything that is good.

Death of goodness is the end to any institution or ideology that attempts to justify evil actions or ideas. No evil has any room in God's eyes and it must be destroyed at once in order to restore the good and end death.

God hates all evil. He wants to bring good into the world, but he will not be able to do it all by himself. Therefore, he cannot bring to pass evil, and therefore he can destroy all evil.

Death of evil can only be brought about through love. Good people love one another. They do good deeds and they love their fellow man. In order to destroy evil, good people must be willing to love their fellow man. In order to bring to pass death, they must refuse to love their fellow man.

When the love of God is not present, the evil will win. And there will never be any good person to take the place of evil. So, if God truly exists, he is the greatest creator of the universe and he will always have control. He is the only source of life. He is the only one who is able to protect the earth from all evils.

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