A Crisis in the Making

The one major flaw in all existential philosophy is that it greatly diminishes, if not eliminates, the influences of our past and specifically the insight we gain into the humanities through the reflective thought of past generations. Existentialism replaces the der Wille zur Macht with a hedonistic "feels good right now" mentality. Hedonism sounds bad but who doesn't enjoy some self-debauchery every now and then? I mean it feels good, right? Now, what about agency? How about the idea of determining your own destiny? Resting more on the empathy centers of the personality schema, agency originates within the illusion of the individual and more specifically the self. The cartesian, "I think, therefore I am" needs the following firmware update; "We think, therefore we are".

Existentialism is kind of like a line drawn in the sand. A reset of thinking. Associated with the psychology of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. However temporal it may be the lessons it teaches us will be indelible. More from me on this subject later.