Cognitive is what caught my eye... The title of this blog post was written 2-3 weeks before completing The Rest of the Story. For the life of me, I can not remember why I added, "Cognitive," in the title. Perhaps the title is missing something or needs a verb after the word cognitive? I could change it to cognition, or I could just leave it up to you, the reader, to make suggestions. Let's go with the second choice.

Now for ellipsis usage... Grammer etiquette frowns on the ellipsis in formal prose. An editor removes contextualize redundancy with the use of an ellipsis, but I use it because I'm trying to communicate cognitive progression. I am painting a mental picture... Does everyone see it... ok let's go. It's like a secret society handshake. You know what I am sayin??

And here we are with our first instance of cognition. Maybe Steven Pinker could use me as a test case in his cognitive research? Yeah for me! That would for sure be a little victory.

Back to ellipsis usage... an intense transition of a subtle thought is when I use an ellipse. I confidently pound my keyboard with my proprietary cadence. I am in a rhythm now; it's like I caught my wave and I OWN this logic train.

The act of using an ellipsis in public is my outspoken mantra for all to witness. Privately my muse is paving the way for the next big AHA moment. Rest assured anyone reading my prose is along for the ride. Remember that secret society? We should all try and recruit Eddie Izzard as our celebrity smokeless spokesman or spokesperson for he can bring "et voila!" to our denouement. What?? I am just trying to buck you off.

Saddle up...

Try the dot, dot, dot in your next blog post... I've got your back. I know what you're sayin. You will see; the ellipsis is addictive and fun to use at the same time.