The concept of humanity worshiping economics as a new age faith is a powerful concept, but is this perspective defendable? What value can we extract from this line of thought? Are we blind to the dogma of the economic machine in the same way a religious explanation satisfied the minds Easter Islanders and their Make-Make diety or lucky Bird Man? This essay will explore these questions and more. Starting from the premise that the very concept of economics is man-made (animal not gender) we may have something to build on. At this point, a contradiction jumps out. What about the transaction between two human beings? The exchange between two people for goods or services is not a fictional figment. If we extrapolate this further, we can reason that the study of massive amounts of transactions (data), and associated behaviors (more data), resemble one of the first nodes of correlation and represent the shift from causation to correlation manifest in Big Data theories today.

Where do we start? This slow moving mind machine started with the first transaction of trade and is innate to human communities. So, in fact, it pre-dates modern-day (messianic) religions as we know them.

Not as a timeline starting point but as an introductory discussion point let's start, as western thought often does, with the Greeks.