Sam Harris is a brilliant and careful speaker, period. Brilliant because his careful use of language is challenging even to Chomsky. This is a mighty claim to accuse Noam Chomsky of ignorance on any level, especially an academic one. Sam pushes new boundaries in areas like moral intentionality and challenges the categories and scale in which Chomsky has so passionately exploited in his language of anti-American propaganda. The skeptical mind must wonder if Chomsky feels threatened by the challenge to the foundation of his ivory tower? Perhaps it's the "unpacking" of principles and psychological knowledge-base that signals a cease and desist order in the Noam neurology. Does it damage the Chomskonian foundation and dilute the strength of his gospel? As a life-long educator, Noam Chomsky's should feel ashamed for not engaging in an honest and constructive conversation with Sam Harris. How do you scold an old man, a living legend for the anti-establishment? Whatever you want to call him; Communist or Socialist, Noam Chomsky is also an American playing for the lefties and should be a team player. Both Chomsky and Sam understands the power of language, it's influence and the importance of conversation in society so neither should hog the media. I wish this conversation happened, and even more, I wish it would have flourished and changed both Noam and Sam. This would have been a gift for us all to see.

"... conversation is our only hope." - Sam Harris

This quote comes from Sam Harris's podcast, Final Thoughts On Noam Chomsky[1].

  1. Full audio transcript and conversation at '` ↩︎