Back of the Envelope Conversations

The unified joy/sorrow theory is reified with biochemistry and the mneumonicon on the back of the envelope. What regions of the brain produce such action potentials you may ask? Look into it and report on what you discover.

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Back of the Envelope Conversations

The excursion is the same when you go looking for your sorrow as when you go looking for your joy.

- Eudora Welty (1909-2001)

Back of the Envelope Calculations - Look Inside this planksip® Möbius

Back of the Envelope Conversations

The unified joy/sorrow theory is reified with biochemistry and the mneumonicon on the back of the envelope. What regions of the brain produce such action potentials you may ask? Look into it and report on what you discover.

Brainwashing is an Axiomatic Exercise

Washing the brain is a daily function of sleep. Rinse, wash (REM Sleep) and repeat. The inevitability of sleep is necessary to survival. The idealized human forme has no need for sleep. This blatantly avoids the biology under the blasphemer defense. Logically inconsistent and magically auspicious, entire scientific disciplines where mythologized around the subconscious.

Hippocamp Space Navigation Within Each and Every One of Us

​Constellations fire between the ears of billions and yet one wrong move and the whole world lets you know. Knowledge through negation in a forme handed down from the throwness of your peers. Top-down and bottom-up, the corrective measure of false intellectual claims should be incentive enough to keep cheaters at bay.

Competition From Within

PB is your personal best. From a sports psychology standpoint, this is how I competed in my athletic years. The focus on training is the victory, of course, but on race day it's all an imagined state of proprioception to the best of my ability. Oddly, the outcomes were often better than the time before.  

Replace Soul with Mind

When you describe consciousness, do you gravitate towards soul, mind, or both? Now using the lens of biology, how does your understanding shift? Remember, this is a subjective exercise designed to reflect your own divergent and convergent thinking within a structure of sorts. Aethetically manifest and for all to see!  

Comission is the Same as Omission

Current social bias tells us that doing harm is viewed as worse than permitting it.[1] According to Charles Péguy's deontological statement[2], the two are sui generis; commission is the same as omission![3]

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I Think You've Got That Backwards

Enough with light and darkness dichotomies already! The sun, not the Son, is a reference to the one and only source of life in this particular solar system. Darkness is the absence of this energy. Everything else is a metaphor, a poetic imagining of what it's like to be conscious. I am not discounting your meta-language, we all know what it's fore. Use it wisely my son!

Fixed Action Potentials

Deterministic perhaps or partially so, the fixed action potentials of the "will" indomitable probability calculators on the shoulders of dwarfs. Seeing further is cumulative, discuss the strength of knowledge and the wisdom with ignore.

Biology is the Equalizer

The wealthy view wealth differently. Perceptions of being poor are easily manipulated to your benefit. The change is environmental. Speaking of the Environment, have you done your daily good? Minimized? Decluttered? Simplified??

Fear and Loathing Lost in Vagus Nerves

I propose the hermeneutic meme, an individual unit of understanding. Wisdom, in its abstract forme and ambiguous state, acts as a variable list of ingredients, the gradients of value move towards the homeostasis of the ideal. The aesthetic, the essence of beauty lies in its the arrangement and the contradictions that emerge, however ironic this may sound. 

Self Contradiction - Get over it!

By multiple orders of magnitude, the multitudes that confine the mind of Whitman can temper the reader to be more forgiving of the ironies in our subjective experiences. We cast a wide neural net, parsing perpectives and placing ideas in categorical heirarchies of myelination.

Mount Olympus

This non-existent pathway to creativity isn't prescriptive, what Gerard Manley Hopkins is referring to is the Mount Parnassus in Greece. I added the "Mount Olympus" to the entitled responsion because of this allusion but also the mnemonic that all first year neuroscience studies should know by heart. Expand on these themes by intertwining the dendritic with the mountainous.

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