A Dynamic Feedback Mechanism

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.

- Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

Function over forme - A planksip® Original

Ephemeral and without forme

Ok, this is where I am at investigating Veritas (Truth). In defining materialism according to Horkheimer (social theory perspective) we have to start with human suffering. Materialism, according to Horkheimer, rests on a fundamental acceptance of suffering and desire the innate human drive towards happiness. At this point, I am concerned about two things...

1. Tabula rasa dogma of the day (Horkheimer's day)

2. Pleasure pain principal and it's Freudian allusions.

Do we really need to have a conversation about the innate, non-blank slate reality of cognitive science today? Because if you acknowledge that a social blank slate is a fallacy then we can improve on Horkheimer's perspectives and update it with 21-century scientific and empirical knowledge.

Secondly, and maybe a little more open to philosophical discussion, I am skeptical about a societal interpretation (Social Science) with striking similarities to the Freudian ID. Now I realize that the complexity of this understanding is anything but simple to grasp. These are my entry points. Your thoughts for a critical approach? After all, if the goal is to find Veritas, she can often allude our brightest minds and sometimes only (briefly) visible through dialectic.

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