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We can not not negate!

We can not negate!
Is innately optimistic
and a statement of

Shifting to not
is so matter of factly
our end stop.

These variations
in epideictic oratory
pattern as planksip praxis
without the guilt.

We can not not negate!
We can negate.


One is determined
and inevitable
the other is possible
and volitional

Our deterministic data
begins and ends with
The Libertarian Determinist
A beautiful contradiction
Discovered in time
and through reflection

Should we negate?

Should implies ought
And ought implies ethics
Let's leave that one alone.
Like truth.

Truth is our only immunity
to our subjective negation
and truth is the group activity
temporal and beautiful.

Daniel Sanderson

Daniel Sanderson

My primary professional aspiration is to constantly improve my own writing and communication skills because as Adorno says, "dialectics means intransigence towards all reification". Viva la evolución

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