p.Dante(5.0) - Channelled Hatred

Channelled Hatred

Dante's or Schelling's paradigm raises the question of whether aesthetic creation can be, at any lasting level, the product of hatred. In the final analysis, are Juvenal or Swift or Thomas Bernhard, those virtuosos of loathing, inventors rather than ..." - George Steiner

5.0.1 - The main point:
5.0.2 - Duality Statement:
5.0.3 - Sentiments: - -
5.0.4 - Further reading:
5.0.5 - Existential Statement of Futurity:
5.0.6 - QUESTION:
5.0.7 - Populous Response:
5.0.8 - MOBIUS: - In this case, the cyclical nature of this influence spanned
5.0.9 - TAGS: hate, Dante, Schelling, Juvenal, Swift, Thomas Bernhard

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